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06 August 2018
Jamshid Kasimov

Jalol Kasimov

Jalol Kasimov

 Jalol Kasimov was born August, 27th 1988 in the city of Bukhara, Uzbekistan in a family of handicraftsmen. 1995-2005 he studied in high school. 

Since 2002 of the beginnings will be trained in stamping craft on metal. He of it craft has learned at the father, – a member of Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan of Kasimov Tokhir. 
With 2003 it has started to work independently.
Since 2006 Jalol is the participant of various exhibitions and fairs in city, regional republican and international exhibitions. Its works have the big success and demand among visitors of exhibitions. Many products are in museums and private collections.
With 2006-2011 regularly participated in exhibitions, fairs of products of arts and crafts of the Central Asia which have taken place in a city of Almaty.
Per 2008 in November the Sign quality UNESCO "«CACSA» has been awarded by the certificate.
In 2011 
«Kelajak оvozi »in the city of Tashkent has won first place in competition.

And also Jalol took part in the international exhibitions which have been spent to Germany in March, 2009.
In 2011 in December, 3-11rd «AF-L'ARTIGIANO IN FIERA 2011» Italy, Milan. 

In 2018 in july  South Korea, Seul.





Uzbekistan. Bukhara city.
Haqiqat street 29.
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