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06 August 2018
Jamshid Kasimov


We welcome you on our site! We make various copper - chasing products from copper, a brass and cupronickel. We will be glad to deal with you. We are assured that our products stand your attention and we invite you to cooperation!

Established lifestyle, traditions and customs of the nation and its achievements in the historical past play an important role in spiritual development of contemporary inhabitants of Uzbekistan. Today one of the national policy directions is the conservation of the cultural heritage with all its intrinsic specificities and high artistic standard that evolved through the efforts of many generations of master craftsmen and artists. An important area is also the revival of the traditional training system known as usto - shogird, set up of new museums dedicated to particular cottage industries. Among them a museum of metal chasing craft in Bukhara, where there has still survived.



Uzbekistan. Bukhara city.
Haqiqat street 29.
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